Gas holder installation

Gas holder installation

Autonomous gas supply systems
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If you are planning to install a self-supporting gasification system, you will need a responsible contractor. We recommend you to consult with OOO “Russkii gas”.

To avoid the middlemen chain between the contractor and the customer, Pushkinskaya GRS enters into strategic partner’s agreement with “Russkii gas” company. All clients, who’s gas-holders was installed by “Russkii gas” company, are granted by the discount for the first refueling of their gas-holder with the Pushkinskaya GRS’ high quality gas. At any time thereafter they have the priority right to receive the gas from Pushkinskaya GRS on their first request at preferential prices.

To invite the engineer to your object you are welcome to call our managers or directly to “Russkii gas” company by phones below:

  • +7 (495) 227-01-03
  • +7 (812) 648-00-45

“Russkii gas” company suggests the installing tanks with polymer epoxy coating and no less than 6 mm metal thickness. “Russkii gas” company suggest services in installing the wall-mounted boilers of German firm Vissmann and Czech firm Thermona, boilers with indirect heating and combined heating, produced in Europe. “Russkii gas” company provides the complex services including the visit of the engineer, boiler’s installation, refueling the gas-holders and starting-up and adjustment operations.



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