Small-scale wholesale of LPG

Small-scale wholesale of LPG

Small-scale wholesale of fuel (LPG)
Types of fuel - technical propane butane mixture
- propane
Prices - technical propane butane mixture: on demand 
Working hours Daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Moscow time, seven days a week even on weekend and public holidays.
Average fueling time Less than 15-20 minutes for gas-tank trucks of maximum capacity

OOO Pushkinskaya GRS offers the small-scale wholesale of LNG (liquified natural gas): autogas (LPG car fuel) and technical propane butane mixture.

WWe have three truck terminals that allow to service up the three clients simultaneously.

Underground tank farm with simultaneous internal volume of storage of 600 tons on the territory of Pushkinskaya GRS provides an opportunity to supply almost any demanded volume of gas fuel. Modern technologies allows to serve LPG tank trucks of any capacity (from 9 to 36 m3), and also significantly shorten the time that filling process of big volumes LPG takes. For example average filling time of one road-tanker of the 36 m3 capacity is less than 15-20 minutes.

Nowadays the industrial enterprisers and private housing choose gas as a main type of the fuel due to its undeniable advantages:

  • Vast scope of application. Gas is used in chemical and metalworking manufacturing industries, iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, machinery-producing industry and other sectors. Gas is used in everyday life for space heating, cooking, water heating and so on, and so forth.
  • Environmental friendliness. Gas fuel produces much lesser repugnant substances during fuel combustion process than other types of fuel.
  • Economic efficiency (as compared to alternative types of the fuel). Despite of the lately regular gas equipment price increasing this advantage retain its relevance and significance.

Gas shows nearly 30% cost advantage in use as compared to alternative types of the fuel.

Besides, we should pay attention to the wide-spread opinion, that gas fuel operation is connected with excess risk for the health and property of the consumers. This statement is fair only in cases, when the defective equipment has been installed or when the unskilled specialists have been engaged to install equipment. These factors determine the high possibility of accidents. Moreover, the regular condition monitoring of the gas equipment should be conducted to ensure its security.

Throughout all of time of Pushkinskaya GRS existence we cooperate only with reliable supplier and approved vendors. We receive liquefied gas directly from its manufacturers. This allows us to control the quality of gas at all levels and to guarantee its conformance to the high local and international standards, which is proved by passports of the products.

Gas supplies are made according to the direct contracts with the end fuel consumers by self-haul and at the cost of the consumers. 100% prepayment is prevailed, but we may agrees the special terms and conditions in every particular case. The gas price is determined by the fuel price at the moment of signification of the supply approval protocol.

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