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Gas cylinders for sale and for rent

Prices for the gas cylinders
Propane cylinder 5 liters

2 000 rubles per one

Propane cylinder 12 liters

2 500 rubles per one

Propane cylinder 27 liters

3 000 rubles per one

Propane cylinder 50 liters

4 000 rubles per one

Working hours                                                

From 7:00 AM till 19:00 PM y Moscow standard time, seven days a week even on weekend and public holidays

Payment arrangements

Cash or cashless settlement

Rental cost equals 25 rubles per day + security payment that equals to the price of a gas cylinder


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Liquefied gas, offered to our customers, is steady demanded in everyday life and for the industrial purposes due to its widespread using as a fuel for space heating, cooking, welding services, and as a cars’ fuel.

All gas cylinders are certificated in the proper way and refueled by our qualified personnel with the due equipment in compliance of all necessary safety rules and obligatory requirements. We guarantee the safety in use of our gas cylinders, if you use it in proper way.

Our experts recommend the owners single-family homes to buy two or three gas cylinders for their comfortable usage. This allows to install the reserve gas cylinder for the period of the refueling the exhausted one, and to avoid the gas supply shortage.

Cylinder types


The long-term practice of using the gas cylinders of the local construction has confirmed its reliability subject to the compliance of all applicable safety rules and obligatory requirements to the refueling, distribution, transportation, storage and using of such gas cylinders. However the unavoidable changes of the market conditions (slackening of gas cylinders control and supervision over the market participants, diversification of the technologies of the gas cylinders refueling and transportation, extension of gas cylinders scope) resulted in the situation, when the local technology, applying nowadays, does not enforce the proper safety level of using the gas cylinders. This leads to the increasing number of accidents.

At the beginning of the 1990s a lot of western countries cut across the similar problems and tried to find the decision. Finally the OPD (Overfilling Prevention Device) technology, preventing the gas cylinder’s overflow owing to the floating shutoff valve, replaced the simple isolation valves.

That's exactly why Pushkinskaya GRS in co-operation with OOO “Gazovii vector” offers the technology of the safe isolation valves with OPD-system of the new breed, adapted to the gas cylinders, used on the territory of the FSU Region. This technology doesn’t only take to the next level the safety of the gas cylinders using and refueling, but also ensures the weight parameters of the gas refueling according to the GOST 15860-34.

The above-mentioned technology jointly ensures the three-level protection:

  • The first level involves the floating shutoff valve that shuts off the gas feeding when the 75-80% of the gas cylinder is refueled.
  • The second level involves the integral-pressure relief valve that actuates when the pressure in the gas cylinder exceeds 25 bars.
  • The third level involves the special material of the valve body and the valve wheel.

The advantages of the SRG GV 457 OPD isolation valve:

  • The opportunity to refuel the gas cylinder on the autogas refuel stations of any types.
  • The opportunity of the urgent pressure bleed, preventing the potential detonation of the gas cylinder.
  • Utility construction and pretty design of the gas cylinder.

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