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2x.xx RUB/liter
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LPG delivery

We fill:
Individuals<br>(summer houses/villas)Individuals
(summer houses/villas)
Autogas<br>Filling StationAutogas
Filling Station
Other facilities<br>(offices, hotels,<br>health resorts, etc)Other facilities
(offices, hotels,
health resorts, etc)

Delivery cost

Types of fuel:
Current price:
  RUB per tonne
Delivered cost
from 1 tonne
< 30 km
6000 Р
30-50 km
8000 Р
> 50 km
Individual costing
is available

Company's motor pool

Gas delivery is carried out with the company's own motor pool. The motor pool of Pushkinskaya GRS includes refueling trucks ATSТ-20 (KAMAZ chassis 65115-3081-(N3) and АTSТ-13 (KAMAZ chassis 53605-3010-23(А4)).


Volume: 1000 tonnes
Refueling rate: 9 tonne/55 min

Volume: 1000 tonnes
Refueling rate: 9 tonne/55 min

Volume: 1000 tonnes
Refueling rate: 9 tonne/55 min


Heavy payload

Heavy payload (up to 29 cubic meters of LPG) - we are able to deliver almost any volume of gas.
Filling hose

The length of filling hose makes it possible to fuel tanks from the automobile that stands on a large distance.
High cross-country mobility

High cross-country mobility enables delivery of gas to customers in any weather conditions and along all types of roads, including narrow country roads without asphalt coat.
Autonomous gas supply systems

We have the autonomous gas supply system that does not need any electric power.

Types of fuel delivered

OOO Pushkinskaya GRS delivers gas (propane-butane, propane and isobutane mixture) to all consumer groups located in Moscow and Moskow Region.

on demand
RUB per tonne
on demand
RUB per tonne

Our Suppliers

OOO «Pushkinskaya GRS» sales the gas produced by OOO «Lukoil-Permnefteorgsintez», PAO «Sibur Holding», PAO «Tatneft», PAO «OK Rosneft», PAO «Gazpromneft». The quality of gas meets the highest Russian and world standards.

  • Quality passport PAO «OK Rosneft»
  • Quality passport PAO «Tatneft»
  • Quality passport OOO «Lukoil-Nizhegorod­nefteorgsintez»
  • Quality passport PAO «Sibur Holding»

How to contact us?

OOO Pushkinskaya GRS

Address: 7a Novaya street, Lesnye Poliany village, Pushkinskiy district, Moscow Region, 141212, Russian Federation


I am filling my car with gas regularly here and everything suits me fine.
I have ordered gas in Pevchee villa community. Gas had run out at night and the temperature outside was below 10 degrees below zero. I had asked to deliver gas as fast as possible. At 8 am the manager Oleg called me and promised to deliver gas in a short time period until 1 pm. Nicolay the driver arrived fast and after a few minutes the boiler started to warm up the house. I have taken a note that before the filling started the counter was set to zero and also it had shown that the gas is going through the discharge hose. All the work was done fast and accurately. Thank you a lot for your sympathy and efficiency!
Anatolii Ivanovich
Last week i had ordered gas delivery in Zarechie-2 villa community. It was pretty late but manager Oleg had answered me and given me the close consultation. The next day at 10 am the new LPG carrier had arrived and filled my gasholder. Thanks a lot to the staff of OOO Pushkinskaya GRS for the warmth and coziness in my house!
I have first-hand knowledge of that the gas in this company is of very high quality. This is crucial factor for me. Moreover, in any unforeseen situation the staff will respond to your wishes and help you. Would it be specific demands on hydrocarbon composition or on the delivery period the staff will meet all your requirements. Good job! All right!
On the 6th of January 2017 gas run out due to severe frost. I have little children so I needed gas very fast! There was no company that could help me until I had phoned to your company. I had already not hope for a miracle but the manager Oleg answered me. To be honest, he had done the impossible and helped me by organizing the express delivery of gas. It was unexpected but after two hours the LPG carrier had arrived. Thank you a lot Oleg and thanks to all your staff for the fast delivery! That's the way to go! The next time I will fill my gasholder only with your gas and I will recommend your company to all my friends. I wish good luck and prosperity to your company.
Though tardy but I would like to thank a lot your staff, your company who was the only to answer a request for gas filling in extremely cold holiday season 2017! Thank you for your sympathy, understanding and timely work of high quality! I wish you success in your work! CNT Kinematografist-3
16 December 2018g. the first time we filled the gas tank in your company. I liked the clear, without further words and questions the reception of the order by the operator and timely, also without problems, delivery and refueling. Got a loyalty card. I think that in the future will use the services of your company. With respect, Elena (CP "Pine flavor" Chekhov district)
Anton Kuznetsov
Two weeks ago (Saturday) he came to the country and was horrified to find that the gas ran out. Called for 2 hours of their past suppliers. All said that the earliest when they will be able to deliver - Sunday evening that for me was unacceptable (the risk of freezing of pipes of a water supply system and their subsequent rupture is high). Found phone Pushkin GDS. The operator promised to help and kept his word! Within 4 hours the long-awaited tanker arrived to me. I Express my gratitude to the whole team and wish you a happy New year! I wish you a lot of loyal customers! Sincerely Your loyal customer, - Anton:)
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