The history of foundation of Pushkinskaya GRS Company dates back to the end of the 50s of the twentieth century. On April 23, 1959, the construction plan of gas-discharge station for liquid gas in the area of Mytischi town on a territory of 3 hectares was approved by the Moscow Regional Soviet of Working People's Deputies. On April 3, 1961, the station was sucessfully put into operation after the almost two-year period of construction.

Initially, the station was called Kaliningradskaya GNS and was designed for servicing residential sector of around 20 thousand apartments in Pushkinsky, Mytishchinsky and Kaliningradsky districts. However, the station had reached designed capacity of 6 000 tons of liquid gas per year by the beginning of 1962, and by the year 1964 the number of consumers had reached 40,000 and doubled the designed capacity, due to intensive region's gas infrastructure development. Labor saving appliances were not the part of the main project of the station's construction, thus filling and moving of gas cylinders in the shop floor and in the warehouse were done manually, which had made it difficult to increase the station's maximum power threshold.

Later the station became subordinated to Pushkinsky district due to the territorial changes of the region. Since then, the station is called Pushkinskaya.

In 1968, it was decided to made full renovation of the station because of achievement of the peak power and the equipment obsolescence. The renovation process didn't disturb the gas supply of the region. The renovation began in 1970, it consisted of two stages and was completed by the beginning of 1974. During the renovation were made such works as conversion of the boiler room from solid fuel to liquid gas, construction of a platform for storing and issuing gas cylinders, introduction of carousel aggregates and a floor-level conveyor into the production process, construction of the office building.


Mikhail Alexandrovich Barinov was the first head of the station from 1961 to 1975 and had played a huge role in the station's development and reconstruction. Mikhail Alexandrovich was not only the manager, but also he was a research scientist. His most significant inventions were carousel aggregate for filling of 1, 27 and 50-liter gas cylinders, mobile delivery point of portable gas cylinders and a truck-mounted rig. Barinov's machine is a device for tie-in making without the need of shutting off the gas supply. The development and production of this device were made under Barinov's leadership.

Mikhail Alexandrovich has introduced more than thirty improvement suggestions during his work in the gas supply branch of Moscow and the Moscow region which has made it possible to gain great economic benefits.

The vast majority of industrial plants had been served with natural gas by 1985. Concurrently households had been changing over from liquid gas to natural gas. Despite the steadily growing load the station had been continuing to serve eleven Moscow districts: Mytishchi district, Kaliningrad district, Sergiev Posad district, Pushkin district, Krasnogorsk district, Istra district, Klin district, Solnechnogorsk district, Shchyolkovo district, Balashikha district, Khimki district, Lobnya and Zelenograd.

In light of the gas-distribution system management reforming after the end of Soviet period in 1992 Pushkinskaya GRS was reorganized and became OOO Pushkinskaya GRS, a limited liability company under the laws of Russian Federation.

Despite certain difficulties associated with the beginning of the post-Soviet period and the changeover from a state-run economy to a market-driven one, the station had been continuing to function and develop. Industrial rubber goods for gas cylinder valves and pumps had been produced. In 1995 a partial renovation of the pump and compressor department was made. The renovation included the introduction of a new department with modern technology of replacing gas cylinders' thread necks and smoothing out of dents on gas cylinders. Also, there was installed a modern boiler-room which consisted of two automatic boilers.

The introduction of a new monitoring and control system based on a mass flowmeter and smart levelmeters was a part of a process of optimization. The creation of automated workplaces with personal computers made the access to data faster and streamlined the workflow.

In 2006 GUP Mosoblgaz was reformed so OOO Pushkinskaya GRS was sold to private investors along with other gas distribution companies in the Moscow region.

In October 2011 a private company had acquired Pushkinskaya GRS and the contemporary period of the station's history began.

From 2012 to 2014 the station was completely modernized: up-to-date pump and compressor equipment made by Corken, a US company, was installed. Also, five underground storage tanks with the capacity of 50 cu m that were decommissioned earlier were replaced by the new ones, so that simultaneous internal volume of storage have increased up to of 600 tons. Besides electronic levelmeters and motor-truck scales have been installed. Moreover, overpass and railway lines along with administrative and industrial buildings were renovated.

In 2016 The Moscow Region Government, represented by the Ministry of Energy, has decided to grant Pushkinskaya GRS the status of a certified company that provides households with liquefied petroleum gases. For these purposes a specialized truck fleet was created so that now the station can service industrial enterprises and fill gasholders.

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